Thursday, 8 January 2015

Bronte Knit Tunic

Pattern: Bronte Knit Top
Fabric: Jersey from Lewisham Market

Isn't it great when you make something and just about everything goes smoothly?  No mis-cuts, no mis-fits, no accidentally chopping off parts of the skirt with your serger... so this is the Bronte Knit Top from Jennifer Lauren.  There isn't a great deal I have to say except I love the fit, the neckline is flattering, and it's incredibly simple to put together, really just a few hours work from cut to buttons.

And hallelujah!  Sleeves that don't flap!

The fabric is cheap jersey from the market.  Cute lantern patterns but pretty thin stuff.  It probably won't last very long but now I know the fit, I can splurge out on more pricey fabric next time.  The pattern is actually for a top not a tunic.  I just couldn't bear to waste the fabric.  Silly, huh, cos it would probably look better as a shorter top.  As a tunic it could benefit from some adjustments (swayback?) at the back.  No need to show it here!

Here's a button detail instead:

The binding is scraps left over from my keyhole dress.  I have a serious fabric scraps hoarding problem, but it does pay off, honest!