Tuesday, 2 December 2014

New Look 6154 Kilt and Simplicity 1283 Top

Skirt pattern: New Look 6154
Fabric: Needlecord from Rolls & Rems (Lewisham)
Kilt buckle: Hemline

This is another Boden rip-off homage!  I loved their cord kilts, but when I see something I think could be relatively easy to sew, I definitely want to make not buy!
Boden kilt

I bought the fabric from Rolls and Rems in Lewisham and as it's just one metre, I splashed out on the more expensive needlecord (GBP10.50 a metre).  I've worked with their cheaper cord before and it just was not a nice experience: fraying, huge crease down the middle where the fabric had been folded, immediate creasing elsewhere... this needlecord was so much softer, more pliable and much better quality.

New Look 6154 is a fairly straightforward pattern.  I used view E which has a mock wrap front.

I made a toile in size 14 originally - it was huge, so I went down to a 10.  Omitted the belt loops, made the front 'kilt' part a sharp corner instead of a curve, lined it with lime green cheap fabric and hand sewed a kilt buckle on.

I'm quite pleased with it.  There were two buckles in the pack but I thought one would be a bit more subtle.  So I have a spare buckle and there are some really nice tweed kilts on Boden that look very inspiring for another make!

Pattern: Simplicity 1283 Mimi G Style
Fabric: Walthamstow Market

When I was little, my dad used to take me to Walthamstow Market every Saturday.  I hated it then, but I LOVE it now.  There are about five or six bricks and mortar fabric shops.  It's quite a trek for me so I have a prepped list!  This fabric is some lightweight jersey, I think it was GBP2 a metre. Great for summer, not so good for making polo necks!

I saw Mimi G's designs at Simplicity - so sexy and smart!  And a chevron polo neck, what's not to love?  Although after 2 kids and zero crunches I was not going to go for a cropped look.
But this turned into an exercise in mishaps! It's frustrating when something I think should be a quick make turns out to be an exercise in unpicking, re-doing and ultimately re-fashioning!  

It's probably my fault:
  • I generally use cheap fabric on the first try as a wearable toile.  Here I should have paid attention to how much stretch is needed i.e. not much. I definitely needed something with better ping back!
  • All those stripes to align!
  • I was wondering why I needed two pieces for the back and thought I could get away with just cutting on the fold (think of aligning those stripes). But there's a zip at the collar and partway down the back.  That's why you need two pieces.
  • I should have used some kind of stabiliser around the neckline.

Anyhow, the upshot was that the collar was very loose, very messy.  The zip at the back of the collar was floppy and uncomfortable.  I had to reline stripes a number of times.  And the armpit area was verging on bat-wing territory.

I tried to make a shorter collar but in the end took the whole collar and zip out.  Amazingly the bodice fit well, and so did the back - even though I had taken about 3 cm out due to the cut on the fold business.

But I really like the chevron effect.  And I still love the designs.  Every project is a learning exercise, and I would still like to have another go at the polo neck.  Plus that cardigan looks great to snuggle up in.


  1. I have seen the same Boden skirt and am planning to copy it, but will self draft as I have drafted something very similar in my pattern cutting class. Great outfit!

    1. Many thanks! I've just bought Craftsy's skirt bodice video, so will look at that with interest. Would love to see your version of the skirt too!

  2. I am loving what I see.... You won the Marbella dress pattern giveaway over on my blog :) Send me an email so I can send the code to you to download your pattern ...Congratulations my dear! ariation@gmail.com

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Many thanks, you have my day! I love your version of the Marbella dress.