Monday, 8 December 2014

Dahlia: two toiles and many adjustments later...

Pattern: Colette Dahlia
Fabric: slight stretch, quite thick dogtooth something - feels manmade.  Lewisham Market GBP3 per metre

I'm a sucker for a sew-a-long, and when Colette brought out their Dahlia pattern, I leapt on it. Such elegant gathers, such a gorgeous neckline!  And the modelled green version is to die for.

I ignored the fact that high waistbands are not a good look for me - I don't want to be asked "when's it due?" again!  I also saw a few blog posts about loose necklines and gaping shoulders.  But with a sew-a-long to help, I thought we could work it out.

I made two toiles which revealed that size 4 would be tight and confirmed that a) yes, high waistbands look rubbish on me, and b) the shoulders gaped.  The waistband was lengthened and darts put at the shoulders.  I also lengthened the sleeves as I wanted something for winter.

lengthened waistband

Once sewn up, the dress was roomy at the sides and the sleeves flapped.  The bodice and skirt are encapsulated by the outer and inner waistbands.  It looks lovely, but is a pain to unpick!  If the fabric is thick, there is quite a lot of bulk in this area for the zip.

The shoulder darts were too pointy due to the fabric, so they became inverted pleats. 

shoulder pleat

I have seen some gorgeous versions of this dress, especially lovely plaid ones.  My dress looks a little formal, something to wear to an office maybe?  Now that the pain of fitting it is over, if I make another one (and there are soooo many patterns on my to do list that this is a big 'if'), I would make a brighter, lighter, fun one!

If only I worked in an office again...

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