Monday, 13 October 2014

Lady Skater Keyhole Dress

Pattern: Lady Skater with Simplicity 8722

Fabric: Indigo jersey from my favourite Lewisham Market stall.

This is my Lady Skater Keyhole Dress!

The story goes: I saw this dress on Boden:

and I thought: must have, 89 quid!, can I wait for the sales? mind you that fabric print isn't great...
and the light bulb moment came when I thought maybe I could actually make it. The skirt sort of flares out like the Lady Skater dress... but what about that pesky keyhole bit?

I searched on the internet a fair bit for a similar dress pattern, or any pattern with a similar keyhole neckline.  I came across this gorgeous dress from Shanni Loves blog, promptly bought the Simplicity pattern below:

and incorporated the neckline onto the Lady Skater bodice.  I lengthened the skirt a few inches and shortened the bodice by an inch. After taking photos now, I can see the back still bunches up unattractively:

so I will need to fix that.  The neckline was a little fiddly too as I didn't use facing, but used binding.  It's all a bit uneven and so I'm not posting any close-ups!

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Here it is with a belt:

So with Chinese New Year coming up I think I'm going to make a red version, in a thicker knit.  I've heard good things about ponte roma fabric, so I may just shy away from the cheapo fabrics and invest in something more expensive...

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Simplicity 2246, Lisette Traveller Dress

This is Simplicity 2246, the Lisette Traveller Dress.  I'm not sure the pattern is available now, though ebay should have it. I made this a while ago, so am hazy on the details.

The great geometric fabric was bought from my favourite stall in Lewisham Market.  Perhaps cotton sateen?

Not sure what size I cut out.  I knew I didn't want to mess around with matching up the fabric pattern for the pockets.  Also, I lengthened the dress to touch the knees.  I've seen some super-cute versions on the net above the knee though, so as an autumn/winter shirt dress with tights and boots, I may very well make another one.

It's a fairly easy pattern as version A is not separated into bodice and waist.  Also the collar is simple and relaxed.  But it definitely needs a belt!  Without the belt, it's a sack!  

I think I read somewhere that sewing a separate placket for the buttons and button holes was unnecessary.  It certainly would have made my life much easier if it had been a simple fold-over job. Wonder what the reasoning is behind a separate placket?

My mum helpfully noted that the back bunches up quite a bit.  If I get round to it, may put a few darts in.  Also, respect the overlocker!  As I was finishing a seam edge, some of the skirt fabric got chewed and sliced - you can see my the unevenness of the skirt here on the bottom right.