Thursday, 18 September 2014

Short Gabriola

Sewaholic's Gabriola is a gorgeous maxi skirt pattern.  It hugs the hips, then flows out gently over the legs.  I desperately wanted to try out the pattern but I didn't want to fork out for the 4 metres plus fabric.

I came across some other versions on the web, and this knee-length one caught my eye.  What a brilliant idea: shorten it, get the fitting right, then make a long one.  So this is the wearable toile.

The fabric is a remnant I found in my local shop.  It feels like cotton.  The fabric pattern is so jumbled, it wouldn't need pieces pattern-matching and any seam mis-matches wouldn't be noticeable.

I think I cut the size 8, graded down to 4, then graded down to 0 as the skirt descended to the hips.  This post was a great help in explaining how to do this.  In the end though I ended up hacking away at the waistband and bringing in the seams a number of times before I got a nice fit.  I was so bored of constantly taking in the sides that I even stitched through the waistband.  Naughty!

Definitely stay-stitch/tape the pieces that meet the waistband.  Trying to ease an elongated top edge into a waistband is probably not the look that you're after.

Also it may help to mark which is the top edge and which the bottom on the trapezium pieces - it can get confusing otherwise.

Next: the long version!

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