Sunday, 28 September 2014

Long Gabriola

Here is my long Gabriola skirt.  When I was looking at other people's Gabriolas, this one struck me as one of the most beautiful.  I was desperate to find similar patterned fabric, drapey enough to flutter with the flowy lines of the skirt.

After hours of trawling the internet, I found this fabric at  I know, you're thinking the fabric must be crap from a place called 'cheap fabrics', but honestly, it's lovely.  Soft, swishy printed crepe. And at GBP3.99, who am I to complain?  My photos make the skirt look a lot bluer, but it's actually pre-dominantly grey.

It's also quite slippery and I stay-stitched selvedge trimmings to the top pieces meeting the waistband, which helped to prevent stretching.  The waistband is thinner too as I was using waistband interfacing.  I actually prefer it as there is a little gape at the front which perhaps could be exacerbated by a thicker waistband?

I lined the skirt to the knee with some cheap anti-static stuff.  I didn't want to pfaff around with sewing up all the pieces again for the lining so I just took the skirt before it had been sewn up the sides, and rotary cut around it.  Not ideal, but prevents the 'Diana' effect!

I wore this out and felt really rather glam!  Lovely to go out in on a not-too breezy day.  Not especially practical though! (Tip: don't take your little boy to his swimming lesson in this).

A few more pics:

swirling this way... 

and that... 

and stop.


  1. I've had this pattern for a while but have not sewn it yet. Yours is really gorgeous.

    1. Many thanks! Would love to see your version when you get round to it.